Building Sustainability

Maximising the efficiency of resources used and minimising its impact on our natural environment and human health.

  • 01 Awards
  • 02 Energy Efficiency
  • 03 Water Efficiency
  • 04 Green Environment
  • 05 Green Mobility


BCA Award

The Heeren was awarded the BCA Green Mark Award (platinum) by the Building and Construction Authority in March 2011 for achieving a sustainable built environment by incorporating best practices in environmental design and construction as well as adopting green building technologies.

Year of Award for The Heeren

For information, BCA Green Mark Scheme was launched in 2005.

PUB Award

The Heeren was awarded Water Efficient Building by PUB on 17 August 2010


Energy Efficiency

Chiller Initiatives
  • High efficiency chiller plant system with series counter flow and variable speed chiller arrangement.
  • Permanent measurement and verification instrumentation for the monitoring of chilled-water plant efficiency and heat balancing.
LED Lightings
  • The building is retrofitted with LED Lighting.
  • Motion sensor is extensively used to provide auto dim mode in the absence of motion detection.
Air Handling Unit (ahu)
Energy Valves
  • Early adopter of Energy Valves to monitor individual AHU cooling load.
Electronically-Commutated (EC) Fans
  • All AHU are fitted with Electronically-Commutated (EC) Fans for better efficiency.

Water Efficiency

  • Use NEWater instead of Domestic water supply to Cooling Towers
Sprinkler System
  • Sprinkler drainage water is directed back to the building fire tank for reuse
Monitoring Meters
  • Installed private water meter and smart metering to monitor usage

Green Environment

Green Wall
  • Vertical green wall to reduce heat effect
Carbon Dioxide Sensor
  • Carbon Dioxide sensor to regulate demand for mechanical ventilaion
  • Recycling bin and storage area for recyclable waste
Car Park System
  • Provision of car park guidance system
Environment Policy
  • Provision of green guide and environment policy

Green Mobility

Bicycle Parking
  • Sheltered bicycle parking
Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Parking lot for electric vehicle charging
Easy Access
  • Covered walkway and easy access to bus stop and taxi-stand